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Concrete and Concrete repair Contractors

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Choosing concrete for your home, is one of the best ways to bring nice looks for driveways, patios, walkways and a lot more. With lots of colors and different finishes options, concrete is not just gray boring anymore. In such times like today, when we are facing and feeling the impact of the drought, saving on water usage becomes everybody’s duty. Replacing water consuming landscape with hardscape such as concrete, is a great way to save money on your water bill and reduce your water usage.
At JMR Concrete we have over 30 years of experience in the field of concrete prepping and new concrete slab pouring. We have the best experts in the field available to help you design your new concrete project with lots of different options such as pavers, flagstone, stamped concrete, stem concrete wall, retaining walls and many more.
Our concrete services include:

- Regular Concrete Slab
- Color Concrete- Stamped ConcreteIMG_1264
- Stem Concrete Walls
- Pools and Spas
- Patios
- Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ
- Driveways and walkways
-Pavers, Flagstone, Gravel, River Rock and Rock Veneer
-Retaining Walls and Block Walls
-Custom Fire Pits and many more



Decks installation contractors San Diego


Known worldwide for its yearlong amazing weather, San Diego County is one of the best places in the world to build and own a deck to enjoy nice evenings, watching sunsets and create family memories. Other than adding great value to your home, decks can also bring lots of style to your home with many options available such as wood, composite wood and more.
At JMR Concrete we have all the knowledge and experience required to build your new deck, using different design options, and different materials options.122
Our Decks Services include:

- Custom Decks
- Wood Decks
- Composite Wood Decks
- Trex Decks
- Decks Repairs
- Gazebos and many more





Drywall and Insulation contractors San Diego


One of the main keys to keep a house energy efficient, and keep the house feeling nice is good insulation. Good insulation will cause your A/C unit to work less during the Summer time keeping the house cool, and help you save big bucks on your energy bill.
As an insulation and drywall installers, we highly recommend home owners with high energy bills to have their insulation get checked by a professional. In many cases of flooding and water damage, dry wall and insulation will have to be replaced after allowing the infected areas to air dry first in order to prevent further damage to your home.
At JMR Concrete we have all the experience and skills to treat such a problem from the start to finish.
Our Drywall and Insulation Services Include:

- New Drywall Installations and Mudding
- Wall Insulation
- Sound Proofing Insulation334
- Water Damage Repair
- Texture and Paint
- Spray Foam Insulation and more






Foundation and Foundation repair Contractors

San Diego

JMR Concrete is a foundation and foundation repair contractor. We offer different foundation services such as cracked foundation repair, concrete failure, new foundation pouring and more.
Whether you are experiencing a foundation failure in your home or just planning to build a new edition to your house, JMR Concrete has all the experts and the skills to assist you.

Our foundation services include:012

- Cracked foundation repair
- Raised foundation repair
- Foundation failure repair

- New foundation for new construction and more.

Call JMR Concrete today to have one of our experts come out to your property to inspect your foundation problem, and provide you a free estimate.



Swimming Pools & Spas Contractors San Diego



Our vast experience at JMR Concrete as swimming pools and spas contractor, has allowed us to offer our customers the best swimming pools and spas designs. Using simply the best materials and swimming pools/spas equipment available.
Does your swimming pool or spa look old and uninviting?
Then you can have it re-plastered and refresh its looks. In many cases of old swimming pools and spas, plaster and tiles may be deteriorating and falling off causing the pool to leak and damage its look.
Re-plastering and replacing the tiles in your old swimming pool and spa, will bring a new luxury look to your old swimming pool at great savings and value, making it brand new looking again.
At JMR Concrete we offer the following swimming pools and spas services:

• New custom swimming pools and spas construction.355
• Re-plaster/Pebbles swimming pools and spas.
• Re-tile swimming pools and spas.
• Swimming pools and spas electrical and equipment.
• Swimming pools and spas coping.






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